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Moving of households

How is the moving done?

  • Our trained team will arrange packaging and moving for you if you have a small flat or a block of flats.
  • We will move you not only in Prague and the Czech Republic, but all over the world.
  • Our working hours are from Monday to Sunday!
  • We will move and liquidate old equipment from your flat including merchandize which has to be liquidated in an ecological way.


Who will take care of you?

As we focus on the individual approach to each customer, only one specific person will always take care of you and will plan the entire process of moving with you. This person will take care of everything and cater to your special needs.


Brief description of moving:
  1. Survey – visit by our representative, preliminary estimate and budget of moving, proposal of plan and the course of moving – FREE OF ALL CHARGES!
  2. In the case of moving on Saturdays and Sundays we offer you a special offer with a 10% discount!
  3. Lending of packing materials are free of charge!
  4. Packing – We disassemble furniture and disconnect electrical appliances and pack them properly upon request;
  5. Inspection of packed merchandise.
  6. Transport into the transportation vehicles and careful fixation.
  7. Transport by professional moving vehicles to the place of delivery.
  8. Unloading at the place of delivery and allocation to the specified place.
  9. Unpacking, inspection and assembly of specified parts of furniture
  10. Removal of packing material.
  11. Completion of the final protocol.
  12. End



Moving = stress? - NO !!!

Your problems end when you sign the order. Don’t hassle with the complications of moving yourself. In the case of problems, changes and/or remarks, you contact only the contact person and they must solve the problem immediately. This practice- proven procedure prevents poor communication and other problems.

Do you have any questions or remarks? Do not hesitate to contact us.




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