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Packing materials

In Prague, we use packing materials proven by years of use in the parent companies Auer, B&W, and Lagermax. Packing materials are produced in the Czech Republic, Japan, Austria, and Germany. We have a wide range of special boxes for books, kitchen utensils, fragile objects, clothing on coat hangers, linen, CDs, and lamps, and packing materials for furniture, decorations, and glass items.

Secure packing of transported goods is the most important prerequisite for the success of the moving process or storage. It is an art based on tradition, the expertise of our experiences specialists, and their skills and attention to detail.

Our large selection of packing materials ensures that our staff will be able to take care of every object entrusted to us. Decorations and fragile objects are packed with special care using double-layer packaging. Special attention is also paid to sculptures, works of art, paintings, and antiques. They are packed in special wooden boxes to ensure maximum protection.


Wooden packaging

Our branch has its own carpentry shop capable of making custom wooden packaging for mirrors, paintings, marble objects, etc.
In some cases, custom packaging needs to be made to protect a moved item from being damaged during transport. These packaging fixtures are custom made for the items in question. We make wooden packaging fixtures according to the customer's needs. 



H 134x54x54 /clothing–coathanger/
G 79x48x48 /PC/
L 26x52x100 /clothing/
Z 53x60x60 /lighting fixtures/
A+B 63-125x18x82 /paintings/
S 420x310x510 /books/
M 360x380x580 /documents – approximately 12 binders/

Packaging carton 2200x1200x30


  • fixation shrink foil for protection of furniture
  • bubble wrap for covering furniture, fragile items, sharp edges of furnishings 100 m x 1200 mm
  • paper-lined bubble wrap100 m x 1200 mm
  • paper for packing glass, porcelain, and small art objects
  • packing paper
  • adhesive tape –50 m reels
  • foam reel 100 m x 1000 mm
  • packing blankets


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