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Our advice

Only a small number of our customers possess moving experience and have some knowledge of the quantity of their belongings and how the moving process is completed. It is an honor and pleasure on our part to work for such clients.

Moving always concerns the customer's property – the assets of individuals, families, or business companies.

Your will need packing and loading specialists as well as logistics experts familiar with export and import of personal belongings and non-commercial goods who know how to secure ground, air, or sea shipping.

If you decide to pack the items to be moved by yourself, make sure that the consignment is entrusted to professionals and not a forwarding broker.


Thorough preparation is the key to successful moving

  • select and put aside items you will transport personally without packing
  • storage – consider the size of your new home; if necessary we will store some of your belongings.
    • some items may be delivered at a later date
    • you can use long-term storage
    • items may be put in storage in the destination country

  • find information on import taxes and restrictions – every country has different regulations with regard to import taxes and restrictions concerning import of non-commercial goods and personal belongings
  • find whether transport of firearms, alcohol, plants, and foods is allowed
  • we transport animals by air only, using a proven carrier. An animal (cat, dog, parrot, etc.) should be sent on the departure day. Otherwise, our expert will stay with the animal 24 hours a day – at home – until departure. We never send an animal unless it is expected by an authorized person at the destination airport. This fact is verified with the owner repeatedly – twice. For transport of animals within the European Union, a negative veterinary certificate not older than three days and a so-called in commutable animal identification (tattoo or chip) are required.


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